Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carmen's 1st Birthday!!

We can't believe that Carmen is already a whole year old! She is getting more and more fun as time passes and she seems to be learning so much.

Our good friend/neighbor, Nan, came over to join the birthday celebration.

Since Carmen wouldn't leave her b-day hat on, Uncle Kevin thought he'd wear it.

This was after Carmen decided to put handfuls of frosting in her mouth. It took her a while to decide if she wanted to eat the cake but when she finally did, she went full force.

Carmen's 1st Birthday Continued

Mom and dad put Carmen's birthday hat on and tried to pose for pictures.
We all gathered around Carmen and started singing Happy Birthday. She absolutely loves when we sing to her so she was quite delighted at this.

Carmen always makes that face when she gets excited! :)

Carmen loved all of her new toys and spent the rest of the evening playing with them.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More pictures from Carmen's trip to Spain

The morning after our flight to Spain, Carmen was exhausted!

After a lot of rest, she was ready to hit the streets of Spain for some sightseeing.

Playing with her cousins and their toys was definitely a good time for Carmen.

Carmen spent most of her time in her cousin's comfy stroller. (Thanks again Nuria for letting us borrow it!)

Carmen meets her Spanish cousins

Meet Carmen's cousins: Alejandro (4 years old) and Lucia (2 years old).
They were sooooo adorable and loved playing with Carmen.

Alejandro and Lucia shared their toys with Carmen and she was so excited!

Carmen got to spend ample time with her Spanish family seeing the sights in Spain.

Carmen's trip to Spain!

Carmen loved seeing the many sights and walking all over the place.